Keynote Speaker at ICON-CSE 2014 Sriwijaya University Palembang September 30, 2014

At September 30, 2014. I delivered a presentation in the field of Human Machine Interaction for Smart Devices as I become a keynote speaker in the International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering, Palembang Indonesia.

In the event, I showed the applications of Human Machine Interaction, not only interfacing between human and machine, where Machine should has feedback mechanisms to interact with users. The technology that has been researched in our labs are shown: haptics, brain-computer interface with intelligent wheelchair, motion sensing for quadrotor, etc.

Students in Faculty of Computer Science in Sriwijaya University seems to be interested in the applications like bionics and all smart devices.

At the next days, I presented the course of robotics. I delivers how localization system in a robot is the most important part, so that the program can be built based upon the location of the robot.

I would like to thanks to the committees and students for the hospitality during my stay in Palembang.




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